6 days & 5 nights


From Al-Matma, the border trade center and a tourism destination, that connects Sudan & Ethiopia, our Trip starts to Discover the historical Sites at Sudan. from Algalabat, after completing the procedures at the border by our tour guide we will go to Algadarif and have a good stay at Al Rabwa Resort. 


From Al Qadarif we wil Start our second day direct to Khartoum, at Khartoum we will have our rest at a hotel and go to have our dinner at Al lewan Aldimashgy.


After having our breakfast, our day trip will start by going to the north. El Naqa is the first archaeological site we will visit. there, in awe of the beautiful Temple of Amun, and the nearby Roman chapel and the Lion Temple, we will spend amazing time. After that we will take you to explore the next archaeological heritage sites which is El-Musawwarat, was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list as part of the serial nomination ‘Island of Meroe’ in 2011. At the night we will reach Al-Bagrawia (Meroe).


Now, we are in the heartland of the Kingdom of Kush (Meroe), we are taking you in exploratory trip to discover a huge number of an ancient pyramids sites near the Nile. They are 57 pyramids, including pyramids containing burials, known as the southern pyramids, the northern pyramids and the western pyramids, after knowing all of this historical places we will move to Nuri Pyramids through Bayuda Desert, which is the contrast created by the black stone mountains and the light colored sand to reach the fronds Market (Souq-Alsaf) in Aldamar after having our lunch we will move directly to Marawi Resort having our Rest there and finally, we will take you to a different sites to which is the Nuri-Pyramids.

Day 5

El-Krou is a historical archaeological city in northern Sudan. It is considered one of the royal tombs used by the Kushite royal families. Since the reign of the kings of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty starting from King Ara 795 to 752 BC.  our 5th day tour will start after breakfast with those archeological sites, then, we will have our afternoon rest and have our lunch. In the evening, we will go with the amazing moment of the Sunset at al Barkal Mountain and capture our last moment with the Historical and archaeological Sites and Pyramids in the North of Sudan.

Day 6

After the long Journey, in the morning we will come back to Khartoum by the rout of Shirian Al Shamal, with a huge number of memories, which we can take them back home. 


  • Meals
  • Meniral Water
  • Transportation
  • English Speaking guide


  • Hotel 3 Stars, 4 Stars, 5Stars
  • Nubian house
  • Camp