Pyramids Tour – 7 days & 6 nights


From the borders north of Sudan, our trip will start by coming to Wadi Halfa and across Eshkit and end our day in Abri (arceological sites) or Through the Arqin crossing to reach solib and there we can see one of the ancient archeological in the land of Nubia, and have a nice night at Wawa in a Nubian house).


our second day will start with the first urban city in the Arab and African region, and it is one of the original civilizations which is Kerma, after we see many temples and tombs of the Dofufa, we will see an archaeological site and an island in northern Sudan, it contains an important black granite quarry was located at Tombos. after that we will have a good night at Nubian House.


On the third day trip we will visit an important city in medieval Nubia which is located on the east bank of the Nile, Old Dongla, it was the capital of the Makurian state from the fourth to the fourteenth century, there, we will visit a Monuments of the Christian Church. Then we will go south to see more arceological sites, one of this sites, Elkouro, the place of the most important pyramids that date to the early part of the Kushite period. in the afternoon we will have our lunch and go to see  Nuri pyramids. and have our night at a Nubian House.


We can start our fourth day with the sunrise at Al Barkal Mountain (Jabal Al Barkal) and see the ruins around Jebel Barkal that include at least 13 temples and 3 palaces, that were for the first time described by European explorers in the 1820s. Then after breakfast we will move to Al Kassinger, Northern Sudan’s Kassinger Islands form unique worlds of charm and beauty, with a natural diversity that blends water and greenery. we can go back to Jabal al Barkal to end our day trip with amazing sunset.


After having our breakfast, immediately we will move to the most archeological and historical place in Sudan Meroe, (Al Bagrawia), through Baiuda desert will go south and see the special Leaves market in Sudan in AlDamar city, we call it (Souq AlSaaf), then, we will move directly to reach Al Bagrawia which is contain a group of wonderful pyramids in night, we will have our rest in a Nubian House.


In the morning, after having our breakfast, we will visit another archaeological heritage site, El-Musawwarat. not far away from El-Musawwarat we will visit another site which is Al Naga, located in a large basin surrounded by low sandstone hills. After that we will go to Khartoum, the city of Sudan and have our night at a Hotel.


As for our last day trip we will take you in a journey, starting by Sudan National Museum and by crossing the confluence of White & Blue Nile Going to Omdurman Visiting the Mahdi’s Tomb, after that we will go to visit Khalifa’s House, then, we will go and discover things in an oldest Market in Sudan (Souq Omdurman) which contains of artificial and florick items. In the end of our day we will have our diner in Abadamac Resturant, and end our trip with amazing memories.


  • Meals
  • Meniral Water
  • Transportation
  • English Speaking guide


  • Hotel 3 Stars, 4 Stars, 5Stars
  • Nubian house
  • Camp