Where is Sudan?

Sudan is located in the North of Africa, and South of Egypt.

Do I need a visa to enter Sudan?

All International tourists wishing to enter Sudan require a visa which must be pre-arranged through a license Sudanese Tour Operator or our embassies outside there.


How much does the visa cost?

  • Visa from outside embassies cost around 50 to 70 USD.
  • Visa on arrival cost around 150 USD.


What currency is used in Sudan?

Sudan currency is known as Sudanese Pound.  1 USD = 47.5 SDG

Is it safe to visit Sudan for tourism?

Entering from Egypt and leaving through Ethiopia (through Gallabata) is the safe route. The Red Sea coast, including major cities like Port Sudan, is also safe to visit. The area bordering Eritrea, including the beautiful town of Kassala.